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News: "Grinder" Trailer

Posted by: HeXetic on May 15, 2006 - 06:49 AM
Into Cerberon - Media Updates
It's not 0.0.2, but it's the next best thing - especially for those of you luddites still languishing in the past with computers not powerful enough to play Doom 3. Presenting the "Grinder" trailer featuring footage from IC 0.0.2 on the new ic_mine map. Yes, it's got the most cliched background music in the world (for a Doom 3 mod, at least), but we hope you enjoy it nonetheless :D.

Oh, and all you old-school Descent types should recognize the looping sound effect at the beginning of the vid. Thanks to our sound guy Narfig for playing the dunce at the start and for kindly allowing me to blow him the hell away at the end.12 MB big, 1:19 long. DivX codec required. Doom 3 clips taken with FRAPS, video edited in Sony Vegas.
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