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News: Hostage, Post-Robot

Posted by: HeXetic on Dec 04, 2006 - 02:29 AM
Into Cerberon - Media Updates
Team member and mannequin-maker LDAsh put up a new shot this weekend of what he's been working on; if you've been following IC for a while you'll remember the superb hostage model he's throwing together for us. Well, we're not quite ready to implement our "Rescue the Hostage" CTF mode yet, and we're not even close to starting on a singleplayer side, but there is one use for a hostage model in a multiplayer map that requires virtually no scripting...


Yes, in IC 004 mappers will have access to this charming piece of... er, human debris, to be sprinkled liberally around the map wherever the mapper desires. There's also the considerably less gory PTMC logo decal to work with, but a splash of Doom 3's excellent blood-splat decals'll make that fit in just fine.
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