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News: Updated Pyro GX

Posted by: HeXetic on Sep 16, 2007 - 03:35 PM
Into Cerberon - Media Updates
The culmination of his very life's work, iceheart has been toiling away for ages and ages on re-doing the low-poly version of Spectre's original high-poly Pyro GX model, and now it's (almost) done. Featuring an improved normal map and skin and weighing in at 1600 triangles less than the old one, iceheart's new downsample will be included henceforth in all internal releases and, of course, in the forthcoming IC004. Take a gander at these before-and-after pics as well as a nice shot of the new model.

http://moddb.com/images/cache/mods/60/6094/gallery/thumb_68821.jpg http://moddb.com/images/cache/mods/60/6094/gallery/thumb_68822.jpg http://moddb.com/images/cache/mods/60/6094/gallery/thumb_68823.jpg

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