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News: Internal Release: 2007-09-16

Posted by: HeXetic on Sep 16, 2007 - 03:46 PM
Into Cerberon - Mod News
"Wait a minute," you're saying, "why are you advertising an internal release on the front page?" Well, the simple answer is because our Internal Releases are not going to be so internal anymore. I decided that it really wasn't fair to cut you all out on the wacky antics and high-larious crazyness that are our IRs, so from now on, all of our Internal Releases will be public. They won't be posted on moddb, and I won't be linking to the downloads here on the front page, but you'll find them in the Internal Discussion forum, with a description of what's new. IR 2007-09-16, as with our previous internal releases, consists of a couple of add-on PK4 files that you simply slap into your IC003a intoceberon/ folder. Check out the forum thread for the download link as well as a list of changes, and what's more, as soon as I can figure out the correct setup I'll be running a dedicated server today using that IR which should hopefully not suck too much.

Before you go and get all giddy, though, bear in mind two important caveats to our Internal Releases:
  • Our IRs are only for Windows, not Linux or Mac
  • Our IRs may have game-crashing bugs. More than usual, at any rate
For example, this IR has a bug that causes the Pyro GX to not cast any shadow, like some kind of undead ship.

Don't forget -- to use this IR, you need to have IC 003a and your copy of Doom 3 has to be patched up to 1.3.1 (which it has to be to play regular IC 003a anyways). See my post below if you're having trouble finding 1.3.1; there are now mirrors of the Doom 3 patches in our downloads area.
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