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Database Flushed

Posted by: HeXetic on Mar 09, 2013 - 10:09 AM
Into Cerberon - Site News
Please note, I have deleted a number of what appeared to be spam accounts from the system. I apologize if any legitimate accounts were deleted by accident. Since the mod itself is inactive, I have had new-user registration disabled for some time now. Please let me know by email if your account was deleted in error and I will manually re-add it.

Also note that I have banned a number of IP addresses from access to chmodoplusr.com, mainly in China and Russia. These addresses were spamming the site. I have also blocked hotlinking of images in general.

The site has been using a ludicrously high amount of CPU and bandwidth, given that it's basicaly inactive. Having all those spammer account "homepage URLs" was also not great for the site in general.
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