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Topic: Into Cerberon - Site News

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Into Cerberon - Site News
The mail system is working again. Be aware that mail from the board or registration system will currently show up as being "from" hexetic@hotmail.com, while it obviously wasn't sent from hotmail servers, so it may get filtered into your junk folder.

I will change it to send mail "from" ic@chmodoplusr.com or something similar very shortly.

If you already registered but never received your confirmation e-mail, go to the "forgot password" page and you should be able to send it again.

Posted by: HeXetic on Nov 08, 2005 - 12:52 AM  
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Into Cerberon - Site News
The mail system on this server seems to be down right now, so if you register, e-mail confirmation messages aren't going out. (Gee, this doesn't sound familiar at all...)

I've contacted tech support. In the meantime, I recommend not registering yet. Sorry. You can still participate on the forums as a guest.

I will test e-mail here every few hours and post again when it's working. You'll be able to use the "lost password" form to re-send the registration confirmation e-mails at that time.

Posted by: HeXetic on Nov 07, 2005 - 10:26 PM  
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